Managing Allergies at Easter

Allergies at Easter

Managing Allergies at Easter? Check out our Top Tips to stay safe.

With families, holidays and lots of potentially allergen-containing eggs & treats around, Easter requires planning ahead so anyone with allergies is safe & included in the fun.  Check out our top tips below to stay safe while managing allergies at Easter

1. Carry Auto-Injectors at all times
Carry  2 adrenaline/epinephrine auto-injectors (EpiPen, AnaPen, Emerade, Auvi Q or Jext ) with you at all times in case of an emergency. Make sure every time you leave the house you think “Adrenaline Auto-Injectors & a Fully Charged Mobile Phone”. It’s an essential habit like putting on a seatbelt and may save your life.  If you leave the house without your adrenaline auto-injectors, go back and get them and remember to carry two as you may need two in an emergency.

It’s important that your child sees you carrying the adrenaline pens at all times because research shows they are more likely to carry them themselves as teens & adults if they have seen you carry them at all times. As with all types of behaviour, they will model their own on what they have seen.  Check out our range of insulated Epipen cases

Insulated Epipen Cases


2. Is your child going to a party/egg hunt?
Managing allergies at Easter mean you should plan ahead so that children with allergies are not excluded. If your child is going to an Easter egg hunt make sure you contact the host in advance to inform them about your cild’s allergies so they can accommodate them at the party/egg hunt.  If they are not sure, you could provide a safe stash of sweets or allergy safe Easter egg for your child. On the day of the party take time out make sure the host is confident what to do in the event of an emergency. Also, ensure that your child’s allergy medicine is stored in a safe out of reach place of little hands. Finally, make sure the host knows how to contact you if they have any questions during the party or in case of an emergency.

Trainer/dummy adrenaline pens are very useful to demonstrate effectively how to administer a pen correctly in case of anaphylaxis.  Trainer pens are available free from the epinephrine auto-injector companies.

3. Educate your child
You can use Easter as a good opportunity to teach your child the importance of reading allergy labels and checking with an adult before eating. Teach your child not to share any food or drinks and if they if they are unsure about any food at the party/egg hunt then they should ask an adult. Finally, teach your child to tell an adult if they are feeling unwell and not to go to the bathroom or bedroom without telling somebody as allergic reactions can progress very quickly.  Having your child carry a mobile phone so you can contact each other can provide reassurance.

Allergy Books

4. School, Childcare & Easter Fun
It is always good to touch base with teachers and childcare in advance of Easter celebrations to ensure any planned activities are safe and your child is included in the fun. To avoid children being asked not to eat, wait in a hall or even requested to stay at home chat to the class teacher or childminder about the safe inclusion of your child in Easter activities. Ask for a reminder to be sent to parents via the school newsletter or messaging system, that there is a child with allergies in the group so any treats sent in are safe. Provide the crèche or pre-school with safe treats/Easter Eggor a list of safe treats. In addition be aware of potential allergy triggers in soaps, face paints, balloons (latex), art and craft materials such as egg cartons or bird/animal feed. For more information, read our Managing Allergies in School blog.

5. Check Ingredients of all versions every time
Sometimes sweets marked as ‘treat size’ or their Easter Egg versions have different ingredients to the regular version/size.  In addition, ingredients on products can change so ensure everyone knows to double check ingredients every time before eating. Allergy information may not be displayed when the sweets come from a bigger pack, so if in doubt throw it out and replace it with a safe treat.
Teach your child to politely refuse home made treats where you can’t be sure of allergen content

6. Eating out
If you are going out for a meal this Easter call the restaurant in advance to make sure they can cater for your or your child’s allergies & avoid disappointment on the day. When you get there make sure to remind staff and the chef of their allergies again.
Since December 2014 restaurants within the EU must provide allergy information either on their menus, on allergy information guides or verbally at the request of the customer.

7. Alternatives to Chocolate
If you can’t find any suitable chocolate products then there are some fun alternatives. You could be adventurous and make your own treats. If you want to keep an egg related theme then you could decorate some plastic eggs or real eggs and fill those with safe allergy free treats, or toys or whatever you wish. Focus your child’s attention on dressing up and party games and less on treats. If you are going to include face painting in your costume, don’t forget to check ingredients for allergens or check out our allergy friendly face paint, free from top 10 allergens and more,

Allergy friendly paint

8. Flying Home for Easter or Holidays Abroad
Contact your airline in advance and notify them of your allergies. For nut allergies ask if they will make an announcement restricting the sale of nut & nut products on the flight and to request that passengers do not open any nut products they have bought on board.  Some airlines are very accommodating & will do this as a matter of course if you advise them of a severe peanut or tree nut allergy. Some may not, it’s better to know in advance and fly with airlines who will prioritise your safety. For more information, read our travelling with allergies blog.  If you require face coverings, we stock reusable face coverings for adults and kids

9. Helpful products
Our Medication Bags are great to carry adrenaline pens, anti-histamines, inhalers & spacers and hand wipes to clean little hands. Our Epipen Bag comes with handy symptom guide and auto-injector guide so help any carer in an emergency situation.

Medication Bags Epipen Bag

Bring a fully charged mobile phone in case of emergency.

Consider allergy wristbands or medical jewellery to raise awareness.

Allergy Wristbands Medical Jewellery

So I hope these tips are useful to manage allergies safely at Easter enjoy, always think safety first. Happy Easter from Allergy Lifestyle!

Disclaimer: The information provided is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Allergy Lifestyle Limited (t/a) Allergy Lifestyle) uses reasonable endeavours to check the accuracy of information provided however no warranty is given that they are error-free. Always seek the advice of an allergy specialist and follow your anaphylaxis emergency care plan.

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