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Dating with Allergies

Dating can be an enjoyable but tricky scene for most of us but when you add food allergies to the mix, it requires some extra considerations and good communication. Particularly for teenagers who may not be risk-averse, stopping to ask your date if they [...]

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Benefits of Silk Bedding

Health benefits of Silk Bedding When it comes to creating a restful nights sleep, your choice of bedding can make all the difference.  Silk duvets and silk pillows are renowned for their exceptional softness and luxurious feel but there are also many health benefits [...]

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Allergies, Anxiety & Dining Out

Dining out is a lovely treat, but it can also be anxiety-inducing for individuals with allergies particularly anyone with anaphylactic food allergies. As with everything to do with allergies preparation and forward planning is the name of the game to create a safe environment [...]

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