Why is wearing an Allermates Kids Medical Bracelet & Dog tags so important?

Kids love our cool range of Allermates allergy wristbands & dog tags which is just as well because wearing an Allermates bracelet should be part of your child’s allergy management plan. Alerting others to the fact your child has allergies, anaphylaxis or asthma is an important part of keeping them safe. In an emergency situation fast, accurate diagnosis and treatment is vital. You may not be there to speak for your child but our Allermates wristbands & tags can speak for them.

Consider Allergy Lifestyle’s range of Allermates Allergy Wristbands & Dog Tags for:

  • Food Allergies (such as peanut, egg, dairy or shellfish allergies)
  • Insect Allergies (such as bee stings)
  • Drug Allergies (such as penicillin)
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Coeliacs, Gluten & Wheat Intolerances

Allermates – Allergy wristbands kids are happy to wear!

At Allergy Lifestyle we understand that your child must like and be comfortable wearing an Allergy Alert band or tag in order to be happy wearing it at times. We know it’s important to you to keep them safe so we have put together a large choice to appeal to all ages and taste. Choose from our great value kids range, teens, tweens and adult ranges for both men and women, boy and girls. Stay safe and look good, shop now with Allergy Lifestyle.
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