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Who we are

Our company was founded in 2012 by Anne Walsh who was inspired by her own daughter Aisling’s anaphylactic allergy to peanuts. Aisling was diagnosed at age 2 after eating a peanut she found on the floor lead to a frantic race to the hospital.

“As a family we were suddenly thrown into the Allergy Lifestyle. Anaphylaxis affects 1 – 2% of adults and 2 – 3 % of kids and can be fatal in less than 20 minutes but there was very little support available at the time to help families.” Anne had trouble finding cases for her daughter often having to buy them from across the world, “I bought them online from Canada and Australia, they took weeks to arrive and when they did, if she lost them, I was back to square one! That’s when I decided to set up Allergy Lifestyle. I sourced the best, high quality products from around the world and started selling them online from right here in the West of Ireland.”

What we do

At Allergy Lifestyle our vision is to help make life a little bit easier for anyone managing allergies, anaphylaxis or asthma by bringing together a range of products and resources to help keep you safe. We have searched the world for the best award winning products to help you in day to day living with allergies, anaphylaxis and asthma and have sourced over 200 quality, reliable, allergy and asthma friendly products for both adults and children so you can continue to enjoy life safely. We even went so far to develop our own Anaphylaxis Emergency Repsonse Kit based on 10 years of living with life threatening allergies.

We get that Anaphylaxis and a life-threatening allergy diagnosis can be a confusing and worrying time so we are have added lots of helpful allergy blogs and Allergy, Anaphylaxis & Asthma Information links where you can find more information.  Don’t forget to join us on Allergy Lifestyle’s facebook page & our twitter page @Allergylifestyl where we have started an Allergy & Asthma community to share information, tips and support and help each other negotiate our way through the Allergy Lifestyle!

We understand from our own family experience the challenges of living with serious allergies and our vision for our business is to supply your needs to make the Allergy Lifestyle safer and easier.

About the Allergy Lifestyle Team

Anne Walsh Allergy Lifestyle

Anne Walsh: Founder of Allergy Lifestyle ‘We are passionate about helping anyone who has to manage allergies or asthma.  Having managed our daughter’s life threatening allergies for over 10 years we gained a lot of experience along the way which we want to share with you to help you on your journey through the Allergy Lifestyle. ‘Aisling was born in 2002 and developed severe eczema within the first few months. After a life threatening exposure to peanuts coming up to her second birthday, she was diagnosed with an Anaphylactic peanut allergy, egg, sesame seed and dust-mite allergies. She also has Hay Fever & oral allergy syndrome. She is my inspiration for Allergy Lifestyle and I admire and respect how she manages the challenges of living with life threatening food allergies on  daily basis .  We enjoy keeping our loyal customers up to date with the latest Allergy & Asthma news.



Cathy Dolan: Customer Care

Cathy joined the Allergy Lifestyle team in October 2015. Primarily in charge of customer care, Cathy also manages the social media accounts, website and writes fabulous blogs.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are here to help.




Sharon Curley: Training Coordinator

Sharon joined the team in 2017 to help us with our vision of rolling out emergency medicine training and Anaphylaxis kits across schools, creches and organisations in Ireland and the UK


We hope you enjoy browsing our site and find our products and information useful. All feedback is welcome

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