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About Allergy Lifestyle

Hi my name is Anne, a parent to 4 kids, 2 of whom have allergies.  I founded Allergy Lifestyle in 2013 inspired by our own experiences managing our daughter’s allergies to peanuts, eggs, sesame & soya.

I founded Allergy Lifestyle with 2 aims

1 – To provide quality products to support your allergy/asthma journey

2 – To share information to help navigate the allergy/asthma lifestyle

With a master’s in Biomedical science and 20 years of experience as a health care professional, I love to bring you the latest developments in the world of allergies and also our tips and advice based on over 20 years of parenting 2 children with allergies.


 ‘We are passionate about helping anyone who has to manage allergies or asthma.  Having managed our daughter’s life-threatening allergies for 20 years we gained a lot of experience along the way which we like to share to help others navigate the Allergy Lifestyle. After a life-threatening exposure to peanuts coming up to her second birthday, our daughter was diagnosed with Anaphylactic peanut allergy, egg, sesame seed and dust-mite allergies. She also has hay fever & oral allergy syndrome. She is my inspiration for Allergy Lifestyle and I admire and respect how she manages the challenges of living with life-threatening food allergies on a daily basis.’

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and find our products and resources useful.  All feedback is welcome

Anne Walsh: Founder of Allergy Lifestyle


Allergy Lifestyle Product Range

We have searched the world for the best award-winning products to help in day to day living with allergies, anaphylaxis and asthma and have brought together a fantastic range of over 300 allergy and asthma friendly products for adults, teens and children.

We also developed our own Allergy Lifestyle product range and are very grateful for the support of the New Frontiers programme, Enterprise Ireland and South West Mayo Development in developing our own brand Medilifestyle


Allergy Lifestyle Information and Resources

We get that Anaphylaxis and a life-threatening allergy diagnosis can be a confusing and worrying time so we have shared our knowledge in our Allergy blogs and Allergy, Anaphylaxis & Asthma Information links where you can find more information.  Don’t forget to join us on Allergy Lifestyle’s facebook pageInstagram or X where you can keep up to date with the latest Allergy & Asthma information and support each other as we negotiate our way through the Allergy Lifestyle!

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