What is Medical Alert Jewellery & why is it Important?

What is Medical Alert Jewellery & why is it Important?

Medical Alert Jewellery is a popular medical accessory among those with food allergies, insect sting allergies, allergies to medicines, animal dander, mould, chemical allergies, or latex. In this blog, we are going to dig in a little deeper into the benefits of Medical Alert Bracelets and Medical Alert Necklaces, dispel some misconceptions and show why they make an awesome allergy accessory. Providing a fun way for adults and children alike to embrace their allergy diagnosis or medical condition.


What exactly is Medical Alert Jewellery?

The clue is in the name of this particular medical accessory – Medical alert jewellery comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles. Some people prefer to wear medical alert bracelets, while others prefer medical alert necklaces. The key is that each piece of medical jewellery is patient-specific, detailing their allergy or medical condition. Medical Alert Bracelets and Necklaces come with a medical alert symbol to alert others, with room to record or engrave the patient’s name, phone number, emergency contact information and actions to take should they suffer an allergic reaction.


Why Should I, or my Child Wear Medical Alert Jewellery?

Now that we know what medical alert jewellery does, it becomes clear why allergy patients or those with medical conditions should wear medical alert jewellery – it saves lives.

First responders, paramedics and medical professionals are trained to, and will immediately check a patient’s wrist and neck for a medical alert bracelet or necklace when assessing their condition. This instantly provides crucial information relating to your condition alongside the information that will better enable paramedics to help.

Medical alert jewellery really becomes a lifesaver during severe allergic reactions or anaphylaxis, however. Should a reaction cause a patient to lose consciousness, a medical alert necklace or medical bracelet can speak for them. Potentially being the difference between life and death – allowing first responders to act quickly and decisively. They can also help by preventing a potentially lethal misdiagnosis.


Misconceptions Around Medical Alert Jewellery:

Medical alert jewellery can often be perceived as an annoyance with the thought of wearing one regarded as a chore or something that is done only out of a sense of responsibility. The main worry for most is the design of the jewellery, after all, the term ‘medical accessory’ does not exactly scream ‘fashionable’.

The good news is that medical alert jewellery has come a long way. Many brands provide unique takes on medical alert necklaces or bracelets to suit your unique style and personality while remaining as functional as ever. The same goes for the wonderful range of kids medical alert bracelets and medical ID tags available from Allergy Lifestyle. By giving kids a choice of character, with a unique cartoon style backstory, their medical alert bracelets become a point of jealousy for their friends or classmates.

Not only will a kids medical ID offer parents peace of mind, knowing their children are protected in emergency situations, they will also go a long way towards helping your child or teen to embrace their allergy as a unique part of who they are and something that makes them special.


Medical alert jewellery really does make all the difference and while it remains something, we hope as allergy sufferers, we never need to use, it just may save your life one day should you rely upon it. If you, a friend, or a family member needs their first piece of medical alert jewellery – Allergy Lifestyle offers a wide range of medical alert necklaces and Medical ID tags with multiple styles to choose from, suitable for all ages and tastes. Medical alert bracelets and medical alert necklaces can and do save lives so check us out today and get yours for peace of mind and know, it’s there when you need it.



Disclaimer: The information provided is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Allergy Lifestyle Limited (t/a) Allergy Lifestyle) uses reasonable endeavours to check the accuracy of information provided however no warranty is given that they are error-free.

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