New Adrenaline Auto Injector in Development – Oval Medical

Oval Medical Adrenaline Device

A new, smaller adrenaline auto injector is currently in development by Oval Medical, a UK based pharmaceutical device company. The new auto injector is designed to be compact, portable and easy to use.

The device is less than half the size of the current market leader at 9.3 cm x 2.975 cm x 1.6 cm.

Studies show the new injector is favoured by patients and doctors

A study was carried out by the company to test the ease of use of the new auto injector. All 21 allergy sufferers taking part used the device successfully without training.

Seventeen of the participants said Oval’s compact size was a major advantage, while nineteen preferred it to three other auto injectors currently available on the market. Many preferred Oval’s device as, due to its small size, it could fit easily in their pocket or bag.

A companion study among medical professionals showed that all 10 participants preferred the Oval device to its competitors. They believed that their patients would be more likely to carry the injectors due to their smaller size.

Oval Medical Adrenaline Device

A smaller, easier to use device is great news for the allergy community.

Barbara Lead, CEO of Oval Medical Technologies, said: “Patients don’t always carry auto-injectors because they’re too big, and they often don’t know how to use them should an emergency occur – parents too.

“Teenagers often won’t carry them at all – but they are more likely to carry a compact device that fits in their pocket. As our report makes clear, size and usability are two crucial factors in persuading patients to carry auto-injectors and ensuring they’re well prepared for an emergency.

“This market research confirms that Oval’s approach to auto-injector design and our progress to date are addressing a vital global healthcare need affecting young people especially. We are now focused on addressing regulatory trials followed by a product launch in about 2019.”


Oval medical was recently taken over by SMC, Ltd, a US based manufacturer of pharmaceutical and medical devices.

“The two companies will work together to speed products to market. “The combination of Oval’s design and development capability and SMC’s capabilities in global manufacturing will ensure a high level of reliability in product performance and a fast route to market,” said Barbara Lead, Oval’s CEO, in a statement.”


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