Tips for managing allergies at Halloween.

5 tips for managing food allergies at Halloween

Tips for managing allergies at Halloween.


  • Explain your child’s allergies to friends and family and ensure you have a pre-approved stash of allergy free treats.
  • Agree that nothing will be eaten until all treats are checked and that any treats that contain your child’s food allergen can be swapped for something suitable.
  • Ingredients of ‘fun size’ sweets may differ from the regular – size bars so check the wrapper every time.
  • Sometimes allergy info. may not be displayed when the sweets come from a bigger pack, so if in doubt throw it out and replace it with an allergy friendly treat.
  • Consider non sweet Halloween themed alternatives that won’t break the bank: 
  • Spooky/sparkly stickers.
  • Plastic jewellery.
  • Halloween themed colouring pages.
  • Rings in the shape of spiders/bats.
  • Whoopee cushions.
  • Glow in the dark sticks.
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