3 benefits of using inhaler spacers for asthma.

Many people do not use their inhalers correctly, for example: – By breathing in before [...]

Tips for managing allergies at Easter.

5 Tips for Managing Allergies at Easter Explain your child’s allergies to friends/family & ensure [...]

Allergens in Alcohol

Managing allergies or anaphylaxis? Remember to check drinks for allergens too.  People aren’t always aware [...]

Food Allergies at Christmas Tips for Eating Out and Festive Drinks

Stay safe while enjoying the festive season, here’s some tips to do so! Going to [...]

Identify Allergic Kids at School

Working in an environment with allergic children?  Would staff recognise all allergic children in their [...]

Adrenaline auto-injectors in school

EpiPen Storage in School It is essential to have your child’s adrenaline/epinephrine auto-injectors readily accessible [...]

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