Surprising Benefits of Silk Bedding

Silk material for clothing, bedding and homeware was first produced at the end of the stone age in modern-day China. Since its inception, silk has become renowned for its comfort and luxuriousness, with the majority viewing silk bedding or clothing as an opulent impulse buy. What you may not know, however, is the myriad of health benefits that accompany silk bedding. With a range of benefits from comfortability to allergic response reduction, let us cosy into the world of silk bedding… 


Comfort & Breathability: 

At a base level, the most important benefit of any bedding is to provide a good night’s sleep. Silk duvets provide unparalleled comfort, and their light and airy feeling help you sleep soundly. This type of bedding tends to wrap around your body, providing supreme comfort without feeling heavy. Natural fibres like silk and wool tend to have more support than artificial fibres – this supportive property is only present in all-natural fibres. Silk’s unique, three-dimensional structure makes it resilient, which helps the fibres behave like tiny springs, encouraging a peaceful sleep. 


Prevents Overheating: 

The natural properties of silk wick away moisture from the body to keep you cool and comfortable all night, a natural method of preventing overheating. Which makes silk sheets, silk duvets and silk pillowcases an excellent choice for anyone who suffers from night sweats or hot flushes. Silk is also great in cold climates, particularly for those who want to be warm and cosy at night without feeling weighed down by heavy blankets. Sleeping under a silk-filled duvet is often compared to sleeping under a light fluffy cloud. This is attributed to the natural drape of silk, typically labelled the “hugging effect.” which also helps to maintain the body’s heat in wintry conditions. 


Reduced Allergies: 

Silk is naturally repellent to dust mites and moths, so it is perfect for anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies. Silk bedding also resists mildew and mould, making it a great companion for older homes prone to dampness. Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic so it can also be highly beneficial for those suffering from eczema or sensitive skin conditions, thanks to the naturally occurring amino acids within silk. Absorbing the moisture lost during the day while sleeping will aid in rejuvenating skin throughout the night. 

Anecdotal claims from most silk bedding users suggest that silk bedding may also aid blood circulation and digestion whilst sleeping. It is important to note that there are currently no medical studies to back this up, however. 


Natural Fibers & Chemical Free: 

Cotton, polyester, viscose, and other fabrics are commonly treated with various harsh chemicals to make them fire and resistant to and fire. When sleeping under cotton bedding, these chemicals rub against the skin and can negatively affect those with specific skin conditions or generally sensitive skin. Authentic Silk bedding is not treated with these same chemicals as doing so would ruin the fabric’s naturally soft, smooth texture, in addition to being naturally wrinkle-free and fire-resistant. This means you are protected against exposure to many of these chemicals, in addition to naturally receiving the benefits which these chemicals offer. 


Silk bedding is an excellent choice for your entire home, delivering the best night’s sleep possible for you and your family. Silk bedding regulates your body temperature in hot and chilly weather, it soothes your skin through its naturally occurring amino acids and is the optimum choice for anyone with allergies due to its hypo-allergenic properties and dust mite prevention.  It is also great for asthma, eczema, psoriasis, burns, Post-Chemotherapy Sensitive Skin, Overheating (providing a welcome from `night sweats)` and is naturally kind to skin and hair. 


We stock a wide range of allergy-friendly silk bedding to suit any bed size or comfort level. We stock a premium and luxury range that suit different budgets The entire range is 100% Mulberry silk,  OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified and no chemicals or anything else is added or used in the production process. The mulberry silk is of such high quality that it can be used in its pure and natural state. So check us out today and treat yourself to a luxurious nights sleep. 

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