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Luxury Mulberry Silk Filled Bedding Range

Luxury Silk Duvet for Single Bed


Mulberry Silk-Filled Duvet

Our collection of silk duvets, pillows and mattress toppers has one for every size bed. From cot beds to super king size! Our silk bedding is made from the highest quality mulberry silk, it’s incredibly soft to the touch and is excellent for keeping you warm on cold winter nights. Mulberry silk is the finest and highest quality silk available. Duvets made from Mulberry silk are the most luxurious, best quality and most durable.

Choose from a deep fill for cold nights, a light fill for warm summer nights or a medium fill for those nights that are in between! Our silk duvets are 100% mulberry silk and nothing else. The 300 thread count cotton sateen casing makes the duvets soft and durable.

Anti Allergy Duvet

Our silk duvets are great as anti allergy duvets. Silk is a very clean and naturally hypo allergenic material. It is dust mite and mildew resistant.

Silk bedding is best for dust mite allergies and asthma

House dust mites are creatures that are only about a quarter of a millimetre long. They feed on human skin cells and they grow well in humid environments. They are found all over the house in bedding, carpets, clothes and furniture.

Dust mite allergy is typically an allergy to a protein found in the droppings of the dust mite. Each of these tiny mites can produce 20 droppings per day and they can continue causing allergic symptoms long after the mite is dead.

People who have allergies to dust mites include people with Asthma, Eczema and allergic rhinitis. The most common place where people are exposed to dust mites are in their bedding. You spend all night wrapped up in your bedding so it’s important to make sure you are not being exposed to these mites. Mattresses and pillows can be covered with an anti allergy barrier.

It’s more difficult to protect your duvet. The best way is to wash it at least once a week in a 60 degree wash. The hot water will kill the dust mites and wash away the droppings. Another way to avoid the house mites is to use a hypo allergenic duvet. Silk duvets are naturally hypo allergenic as house mites cannot live in silk. They are soft and light while still keeping you warm.

Silk bedding makes sure that the dust mites cannot live in your duvet at all so it’s not necessary to wash it every week!

Luxury Range: No Expense Spared to Produce a Luxurious 100% Mulberry Silk-Filled Duvet
Finish: Mulberry Silk Interior is Hand-Stretched, then Loop Sewn by Hand.
Interior: Absolutely Top Grade Long-Strand Mulberry Silk (100% Natural and Hypoallergenic)
Casing: Deluxe 300 Thread Count Fine Cotton Sateen
Certification: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified with OEKO “Confidence in Textiles” Label Attached
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