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Allergy & Medical Keychain

Allergy Alert Keychain – Twin Pack


Allergy & Medical Keychain

Medical Alert Keychain – Twin Pack


Allergy Labels & Tags

Tree Nut Allergy Sticker Twin Pack


Allergy Labels & Tags

Gluten Free Stickers – Twin Pack


Allergy & Asthma Books, CDs & DVDs

Kyle Dine – Food Allergies Rock! CD


Allergy Labels & Tags

Child Safety Tattoos – Girls


When your child has a serious food allergy sending them to school, day care, birthday parties, after school activities and other social events can be a worry.

After few near misses with my own daughter from other well intending parents who weren’t aware of her allergies, Allergy Lifestyle brought together a range of bright colourful allergy awareness products that kids and schools love. Practical but nice designs that will alert and remind others of your child’s allergies and help keep them safe.  Many can be personalised with your child’s name and allergies.

Medicine Storage Box

Great to store allergy medicines at home, school, nursery or work and its compact size allows easy carriage when out and about. Store EpiPen, Anapens, anti histamine, Asthma Inhalers or other medicines with space to personalise with your child’s name, ICE and allergy details.

Personalised Allergy Rules Lunch Box

This colourful personalised lunchbox has simple rules to remind your child not to share food. Can be used at school, nursery or days out.

Allergy Alert Posters

Nut Allergy Posters or General Allergy Posters suitable for schools, nurseries, clubs or anywhere where you need to remind people that they are in an Allergy Awareness Zone.

Personalised Allergy Tote Bags and Cooler Bags

Remind others to be allergy aware, with these personalised tote bags and personalised cooler bags.

Stickers, Key rings and Magnets

Place these personalised stickers everywhere, lunchboxes, books, bags & help everyone around you be allergy aware.

Personalised Allergy Labels and Hard Tags

Long list of allergies? We got it covered with our personalised allergy labels and allergy tags.
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