Wheat/Gluten Allergy School Starter Kit – AER Case

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This Wheat/Gluten Allergy School Starter kit has everything your child needs for starting school with an wheat/gluten allergy. It contains:

  • an Anaphylaxis Emergency Response (AER) Case (please choose the correct guide for your adrenaline pen);
  • a Gluten & Wheat Free Lunch bag
  • a kid’s wheat & gluten free wristband;
  • and an allergy alert keyring.

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EpiPen Bag - Insulated EpiPen Case with Guides for Anaphylaxis

I'm Wheat & Gluten Free Lunch bag

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Gluten & Wheat Free Wristband - Kids

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EpiPen Keychain: Allergy Alert - EpiPen®/Medicines Inside Keyring

These Allergy Alert keyrings are brightly coloured and designed to be noticed. They are perfect for attaching to the zips of bags, holdalls, or your keys.

  • "Allergy Alert EpiPen® Inside" on both sides;
  • "Allergy Alert Medicines Inside" on both sides.

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One Keyring
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